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Hospitality Management


The Department’s mission and vision is to produce students with employable and entrepreneurial skills

The hospitality department houses 3 sections namely food & beverage, fashion design, hair and beauty therapy


This section offers the following courses

  1.  Artisan certificate in food and beverage production service and sales which takes 4 terms
  2. Certificate in food and beverage production service and sales module one and two. module 1 takes 1year while module 2 takes two terms.
  3. Certificate in catering and accommodation management module 1& 2. Module 1 takes 1 year while module2 takes 2 terms
  4. Diploma in catering and accommodation management module 1,2 &3
  5. Diploma in food & beverage management

The section plans to operate a bakery which can supply the school with its bread needs and at the same time the college environ and that is to serve as a production unit. Immediately the bakery takes off, then short courses in bread and cake making will also take effect

Tourism also goes hand in hand with food and beverage therefore the section is muting the introduction of a tourism course in the near future together with IATA ticketing to take advantage of the air strips in Homabay and Suneka

The section boasts of a qualified staff all with pedagogical skills and a vast of experience

From all the courses the students gets experience of the industry after every module, coupled with the entrepreneurial skills acquired during training

The section has collaborated with Agakhan hospital as the kitchen staff at Agakhan is provided by KNP management under the supervision of the hospitality department.

The department also plans to partner with st.Francis hotel to assist accommodation students with industry experience every week.

Graduates from this section are employed in the hotels hospitals schools and colleges some also become technical teachers .quite a big percentage also venture into food and drink provision  businesses


This section has qualified staff with a vast industrial experience, pedagogical and entrepreneurial skills. The courses offered include

1.artisan certificate in fashion design which takes 3 terms

2. certificate in garment making and fashion design which takes 1year for module 1 and 2 terms for module 2.

3.diploma in fashion design module 1,2 &3 all students goes for industrial attachment

The section has a production unit which makes staff uniforms  graduation gowns and dust coats for technical departments

The section also plans to start a CBET course in garment making level 4 and some short courses in garment making. Graduates from this section are employable in various textile industries in the country some also start their garment making and designing businesses


This section offers artisan certificate level 1& 2 which is equivalent to diploma certificate by Kenya National Examinations Council

This section has well trained teachers both in the area of specialization and pedagogical skills

The graduates of this section are employed as beauty therapists and hair dressers with in the country and also outside the country. A vast majority are also self employed to run saloon businesses

The section plans to start a CBET course by September in level 5 which is equivalent to a craft course. Plans are also under way to form collaboration with the surrounding secondary schools so that the department can offer saloon services to them as part of their production unit

In conclusion the department hopes to get a complex which will house the 3 sections together and also have a conference facility run by the department.



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