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5.1 Short loan: materials such as Journals, newspapers, reference books and books on reserve shall be loaned for use within the library. This shall apply to ALL registered members.

5.2. Long/Normal loans:

5.2.1. A student member shall borrow one (1) book/item for a period of one (1) week.

5.2.3. A staff member shall borrow three (3) books/items for a period of two (2) weeks.

5.2.4. All borrowed materials shall be returned on or before due date.

5.2.5. The User- Book Ratio shall apply in the amendment of the above loan periods.

5.3. Overdue fines.

5.3.1. Overdue fines shall be charged on books/items whose loan period has expired at the rate of ksh.5 per book/item per day for the entire period and fines are only paid at the accounts office .

5.3.2. Overdue fines shall be paid in full before any further borrowing is authorized.

5.3.3. The librarian reserves the right to recall any book/material on loan.


6.1- This service shall be offered to ALL users

6.2- Members are STRICTLY ADVICED to use this service for the purpose of research.. No obscene sites shall be accessed.

6.3- A member shall sign in a register at ICT desk, in order to use the computers for a period not exceeding thirty (40) minutes.

6.4- The library staff shall switch on and off the computers for use and after use. No user shall be allowed to switch on/off the facility.

6.5- Any work to be photocopied shall be at a cost .

6.6- Only one member shall use a computer at any given time.

6.7- Failure to abide by these rules shall lead to disqualification for this service.


7.1 -All users will be subjected to routine after service inspection at the entrance.

7.2- Borrowers shall be held responsible for materials on loan.

7.3- Lost or damaged materials must be reported to the librarian immediately

7.4- The full cost of replacement of lost material and repair of damaged material will be met by the affected member. A further ksh.500 will be charged as administration fee.

7.5- Theft of library materials shall be referred to the disciplinary committee in line with the college rules and regulations.



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